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Talking Muses Mod
We have a new affiliate, thus am doing the obligatory pimping thing.

Yes, another muse writing community. According to the info page, the prompts are mainly suggested by the members of the community.

Currently, it looks like there are no taken muses, as it's a brand new community, so I guess grab 'em while the muses are available.
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Okay, because I've had some RL stuff come up, I've not had time to update the character list, and I know there's a few of you that I've missed out on. Because my time is limited on the net, it would easier to just have you go here and see if your character's name is down on the list.

If not, please reply to this post using this format:
Character's name:
Canon/Original character:
Type of canon character is from (eg, movie, book):
Character's LJ:
Hopefully RL will stop being a pain in the arse. *stabs it*

Thanks, everyone. Comments will be screened.

-- Moderator.
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The prompt list for this week can be found here. :)
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List #6 of prompts has been put up -- go here for the prompts.

A new prompt category has been added, prompt D, which is a quote prompt. :)
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This week's prompt list is up and can be found here.
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This week's prompt list is up. Go here to see list #4.
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Great news!

talking_muses has its own webpage!


Previous and present topic prompts can be found here in one place. The full cast list can be found here - please check that you are listed on there. The list took a while to compile, so I might have accidentally missed your muse out because I was getting tired and fed up, heh. Please leave me a comment here if I have, or if I've mispelt anything or mislinked anything, etc.

Feel free to browse through the webpage, and tell me if you think anything needs to be added, any suggestions for other pages that can be added, etc.


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Please check the taken list here and make sure I've listed your character in the list.

If I haven't, please leave a comment at the post where the list is, stating your character's full name, fandom and the journal you use for your character.

Thanks. :)
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Prompt list #3 for this week can be found here.
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